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Food Additives

Codex Committee on Food Additives (CCFA)


Host country :China from 39th session; Netherlands from session 1 to 38


Terms of reference
(a) to establish or endorse acceptable maximum levels for individual food additives;
(b) to prepare priority lists of food additives for risk assessment by the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives;
(c) to assign functional classes to individual food additives;
(d) to recommend specifications of identity and purity for food additives for adoption by the Commission;
(e) to consider methods of analysis for the determination of additives in food; and
(f) to consider and elaborate standards or codes for related subjects such as the labelling of food additives when sold as such.


The following are documents considered during the Session of the CCFA :

CX/FA 18/50/2-Add.1

CX/FA 18/50/2

CX/FA 18/50/3

CX/FA 18/50/4-Add.1

CX/FA 18/50/4

CX/FA 18/50/5

CX/FA 18/50/6

CX/FA 18/50/7-Add.1

CX/FA 18/50/7

CX/FA 18/50/8

CX/FA 18/50/9

CX/FA 18/50/10

CX/FA 18/50/11-Add.1

CX/FA 18/50/11

CX/FA 18/50/12

CX/FA 18/50/13-Add.1

CX/FA 18/50/13-Add.2

CX/FA 18/50/13

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