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Dokumen - Sidang Komite / Task Force


Spices and Culinary Herbs

Terms of reference:

a.   To elaborate worldwide standards for spices and culinary herbs in their dried and dehydrated state in whole, ground, and cracked or crushed form.


b.   To consult, as necessary, with other international organizations in the standards development process to avoid duplication.

CX/SCH 17/3/1

CX/SCH 17/3/2

CX/SCH 17/3/4

CX/SCH 17/3/4 Add.1

CX/SCH 17/3/5

CX/SCH 17/3/6

CX/SCH 17/3/7

CX/SCH 17/3/8

CX/SCH 17/3/9

CX/SCH 17/3/10

CX/SCH 17/3/11

CX/SCH 17/3/12

CX/SCH 17/3/3

CX/SCH 17/3/7Add.1

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